Protein bars, incredibly fast success possible?

This is the first and last review that I will do. The first one is here

This is the one that I personally have to purchase! I think it is the best and the cheapest. I am going to be purchasing this one as well. You will need to use these on a daily basis. You can get an emergency insulin pump to pump in your car.

If you're a dietitian, this is probably the most useful piece of information on the internet. It is a great guide. There is also another review here

I can't speak for everyone but for me I just can't see the point in buying them. I just can't get over the fact that I'll never have enough calories to gain fat if I stick with these. I would really like a product that is designed to keep me from gaining fat and to be able to lose fat while still eating enough calories.

One of the reasons I really like it is the fact that it doesn't contain the sugar that I really want. I can get some from a few brands like Hain Celestial. But I don't get the taste that I think I want from a protein bar.

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