Supplement, incredibly fast success possible?

For each item I've listed information about how the supplement is being used, what ingredients are in it, and what side effects it has.

What are supplements?

Supplemental supplements are supplements which are made up of the natural substances found in the food we eat. You might be able to buy some food-based supplements, but some people don't enjoy eating their food. Other people just like taking supplements. Some people take them because they have a problem, while others take them because it is something they want to improve their body's function. They might be on a low-carbohydrate diet, or taking vitamin C, or taking calcium and/or vitamin B12. Many people take supplements for more than one reason. Some people use supplements for weight loss, some people use supplements to make sure they don't get diseases, and some people are on medications that affect the body's production of the supplements.

What do we need supplements for?

The most common reasons people take supplements include weight loss, disease prevention, improvement of health, weight loss maintenance, and weight gain.

There are many factors that make some people need supplements. For instance, people with diabetes or liver disease (such as chronic hepatitis C or hepatitis B and C) often need supplements to reduce the risks associated with these diseases.

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